Events & Tickets


Features for Online Event Ticket Solutions

At Code Buster, we orchestrate and channel the whole event by implying industry-standard practices.



Through our event ticketing solutions we make sure that the users can have smooth access to our virtual tickets. We also bring the ticket booking both to them to make the events as convenient as possible for the visitors. We also provide an easy sharing option for the visitors so that they can share the event information with their friends or family.


Push Notifications

We integrate push notifications features in our event ticketing apps to send automatically generated reminders to the event attendees and visitors. App publishers also have control of this feature and they can send the notifications to the event attendees at any time. Within a few simple clicks, the users are allowed to send event details across your social media or as a personalized message.


Flexible Guest Management

This feature of our ticket booking software enables us to prioritize the visitor engagement and offer maximum comfort to the attendees of the event. We also maximize their participation in an upcoming event and enable the managers to take care of their guests. This feature lets the event organizers manage their guests list and keep track of the event visitors.


Easy Payment Integration

We have incorporated multiple payment gateways in our ticketing solution which makes the whole transaction process easy and simple for the event attendees and visitors. We make sure to execute the transaction in a safe and secure manner and indulge the ethical practices for the same.



Our ticket booking software developers are proficient in creating event apps and this feature enables the event attendees to scan their tickets upon their arrival. The event managers, organizers, and other individuals can also have hassle-free check-in for the event and it not only saves time but also frees people from unnecessary inconvenience.