Food & Restaurant


Features of Food Industry App

Code Buster is a reputed food delivery app development company that combines experience, innovation, and expertise to offer the best food delivery applications. 


Seamless Orders

Our food delivery app development services enable the users to place or track the order with few clicks. Our applications have an intuitive and user-friendly query interface which makes it easy for the users to track and manage their food orders with the real-time tracking feature. The food ordering and Management feature enables the customers as well as admins to monitor the number of orders, payments, etc.


Multiple Payment Gateways

We provide mobile-friendly and easy-to-use application design that comes with a number of clear navigation links and modules. We streamline the interactions between educators and learners so that the process of learning remains intact. Our application has various leaderboards, learning badges, and progress bars that help educators to analyze the performance of their students.

Selecting Restaurants

We provide numerous options to choose from to the customers and we can make a selection based on their cuisine, location, timing, and other preferences. Our food delivery application has an exhaustive listing of the available, nearby, and famous restaurants in your location. We offer personalized deals to the customers based on their food ordering patterns.


Discounts And Promotions

rReassure customers to grab the recurring sales and best deals on their food orders with our numerous promotions and discount coupons. We also grant special discounts on the first few orders. Our promo codes are easy to manage and admin gets smooth exercise to integrate them for their customers as well as delivery boys. Our coupon management system enables the customers to avail coupons or discounts generated by the admin.


Profile Management

In any food delivery application profile management is a critical feature. Our developers are proficient in providing profile management features including addresses, payment details, restaurant profiles, and notification settings management with enhanced User experience.